2506, 2019

How to find good tenants? The 7-step guide that could save you thousands…

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The million-dollar question to which every landlord would love the answer and the golden ticket to hassle free renting out of a property. But how do you ensure you get the tenants you want? Whether you are a professional landlord or simply fell into the private rental property sector, everybody [...]

1306, 2019

The Big Crush of the Private Rental Sector

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It seems whichever way you turn at the moment there is a squeeze on the private rental sector, with ever bigger hands trying to decimate this much needed area of the property market. Literally on a daily basis you can read about the dire situation for private landlords, who, if [...]

805, 2019

The Top 5 places to rent in London this summer and why you should beat the crowds

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When choosing the next place to live it’s always good to have some insider knowledge on hot spots and what is so great about them but cost of the hottest locations might just burn a hole in your proverbial pocket. We all love to bag a bargain and non more [...]

804, 2019

Property MOT – Will it become yet another piece of legislation for the Private Rental Sector?

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If you take a look at the property trade press over the last few months, they have certainly done their fair share of reporting on the subject of introducing a Property MOT. Here is just a small selection we found recently if you fancy some light reading! - Sep [...]

2803, 2019

The new ‘Fitness for Human Habitation Act’ and what it means for Landlords

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This week the Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 came into force in England. The new government legislation means that tenants now have the right to sue their landlords if their property is in such poor condition, that it is considered ‘not fit for human habitation’ – unlike the original [...]

1503, 2019

Why Do I Need to use an Inventory Company?

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The question of why it is necessary to use a professional inventory company is not an uncommon one amongst Landlords and Letting Agents. For the less seasoned landlord or those lucky enough to have always been blessed with good tenants thus far, it can be hard to see why you [...]