Terms & Conditions

The following is an informative guide for landlords and tenants on the compilation of any inventory prepared by clerks within the Eclipse Inventories network:


This inventory is prepared as an “as seen snapshot” of the property and its contents at the time of the inspection and is compiled as a fair and accurate record of the property’s internal condition and its contents and should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture and equipment, or as a structural survey report.

The Inventory Clerk preparing this inventory is not an expert on fabrics, woods, materials, antiques etc.: nor is a qualified surveyor or valuer, they are not required to state whether an item is antique, made of precious metals, of unique origin, or whether it is new despite the appearance obviously so.

Please be advised that items left in lofts, cellars or in locked rooms, garages and sheds that have not been noted in the inventory are the sole responsibility of the landlord.

The movement of any items of heavy furniture or appliances will not be undertaken and therefore some observations may be restricted where such items restrict full view.

Where inventories are completed with tenants in situ and it is deemed difficult for clerks to differentiate between that belonging to the landlord or tenant, then the report may contain inaccuracies for which the clerk cannot be held responsible.

It is recommended that as the eventual accuracy of this inventory lies with the Landlord and Tenant that any queries or discrepancies relating to the description or content be addressed to the clerk or Eclipse Inventories immediately.

Safety disclaimer

The inventory relates only to the furniture, furnishings and all landlord’s equipment and contents in the property. It is no guarantee of, or safety of any such equipment or contents, merely a record that such items exist in the property as the date of the inventory and the superficial condition of the items.

None of the electrical or gas appliances have been checked as to working order.

Furniture & furnishings (fire) (safety) regulations 1988 as amended 1993

Furniture and furnishings

The Fire & Safety Regulations regarding Furniture, Gas, electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the instructing principal:

Where the inventory notes “FFR label seen” this should not be interpreted to mean the item complies with the ‘Furniture & Furnishings (Fire)(Safety)(Amendments) 1993. It is a record that the item had a label as described or similar to that detailed, in the ‘Guide to the Furniture & Furnishings’ (Fire)(Safety) Regulations as published by the department of Trade & Industry, January 1997, (or subsequent edition), attached at the time the report was compiled. It is not a statement that the item can be considered to comply with the Regulations.

If no relevant comment is made next to an item falling under the Regulations, this should be taken that no FFR label has been seen.


Where there are any loose fireguards, not part of a heater gas or electric fire this will be indicated on the inventory.

Smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

Where the inventory notes the presence of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, if tested by the clerk this will be for power supply only and should not be interpreted to mean that these items are fully working and that the property fully complies with 2015 regulations. Eclipse Inventories will take no responsibility for damage or mal-function during the testing of such alarms. It is the tenant’s responsibility to inspect any smoke detector fitted in the property at regular intervals to ensure they are in full working order as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check out inspection at the end of the tenancy

For this inspection it is essential that all items be returned to their respective locations as shown on the original inventory before the final check out inspection is due. Failure to do this may incur further costs as the clerk is not commissioned to search for items not found as listed and therefore may list them as missing thus incurring tenants unnecessary costs.