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Can I do the clean myself at check out?2018-06-14T14:08:16+01:00

If the property was professionally cleaned at check in, we 100% recommend a professional clean at check out. It will save you money and time in the end. A professional cleaner will clean, scrub, polish and shine to a level you and I would find very hard to achieve.

Can I not just do the inventory myself?2018-06-14T14:06:40+01:00

Not if you want an unbiased report that will protect your asset. We are trained professionals, and so know the level of detail needed. Many landlord inventories are not able to protect the property in the same way that we can as trained professionals.

My property is unfurnished, do I need an inventory?2018-06-14T14:04:37+01:00

Yes, you do. The inventory protects the decor, the flooring, the appliances, the bathroom fittings as well as any furniture. Without an inventory, the items you paid thousands for will not be protected.

What’s the difference between an Inventory and a Check In?2018-06-14T14:03:00+01:00

The inventory is the main document containing all the information about the property’s contents and condition. The Check In is at time of move-in – tenants are met, the inventory is checked, keys are listed, smoke and carbon alarms checked, pictures taken, tenants sign their agreement and keys are handed over.

I am having building works done, should I have the check out done before or after?2018-06-14T14:01:03+01:00

You must have the check out done before anybody else accesses or makes changes to the property. If builders go inside, this could null and void the content of the check out.

Can I do the Check Out before the tenants have left?2018-06-14T13:59:36+01:00

No, we do not recommend this. The tenants should be ready to vacate at the point we arrive at the Check Out time. This avoids changes occurring between us doing the Check Out and the tenants leaving.

Another company did my check in. Can I book you for check out?2018-06-14T13:53:03+01:00

Yes, you can. It is common practice for us to use other companies’ paperwork to make the check out.

Do you charge if I need to move or cancel my job?2018-06-14T13:47:31+01:00

No, we don’t. We will only ever charge if we turn up and the job needs to be aborted as the property is not ready.

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