Property Health Checks

    Keep Your Property Safe with Eclipse Inventories

    Is your property compliant with the new Fitness for Human Habitation Act? Are you concerned what tenants are doing when you’re not there?

    Being most people’s biggest asset, regular check up’s on your investment is no bad thing.

    With the growing number of legal requirements on property owners and a reduced amount of time landlords have to check up on their properties, this report will tell you what’s happening in there so you can stop the mole hill becoming a mountain.

    Eclipse Inventories provide a Property Health Check service to help keep landlords legally compliant, aware of maintenance issues and tenanted properties safe.

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    What’s Included

    Mid tenancy clerk visit & appraisal.
    Reporting of hazards, issues and misuse.
    Checks on decor, structure and safety.
    Feedback on compliance issues.
    Photographs of issues.
    Easy to read checklist style report.


    1-3 Bedroom Properties
    £75.00 + vat

    4+ Bedroom Properties
    £100.00 + vat

    The approach

    With the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act in mind, this inspection is to check if any issues have arisen since the tenancy started. We flag any worsening problems and report on misuse by the tenants, potential health & safety hazards and compliance issues. Its designed to protect both landlord and tenant and give you the chance to address issues before the mole hill becomes a mountain.

    Our process

    Step 1

    The inspection can be carried out at any point during the tenancy, ensuring the tenants are given at least 24 hours written notice for access. We recommend if you don’t have time to visit the property that you should use this service at least once every 6 months.

    Step 2

    The Clerk will fully inspect the property, referencing a check list of potential issues/hazards and generate a report noting any issues found.
    Issues can include – leaks, broken windows, additional tenants, pets being kept, smells of smoke, electrical hazards, misuse & damages.

    Step 3

    Full photographs are taken to back up the report. If a landlord is present we will flag any issues found. The ‘check list’ report is then sent to the customer within 24 hours detailing all the major points found.

    Step 4

    We are on hand for any follow up advice or to answer any questions you may have in the days, weeks or months following the visit.

    What our clients say

    “I was surprised to find out how many issues Eclipse discovered, especially since I had been in and had a look at the property myself recently”

    Alex Downs, Landlord, West London

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