Mid-Term Assessments

The approach

This job can be used as part of property management requirements or if there is a tenant swap in a sharer house. Equally as useful for long-term tenancies when a landlord is absent – having the knowledge of any issues midway through a tenancy rather than at the end, can save thousands of pounds and avoid further deterioration of the property. The move-in documents are used to compare condition.

Our process

Step 1

The clerk visits the tenanted property with the check in inventory. They will liaise with the tenants on contents and conduct a comparison of the property, concentrating on damages and maintenance issues.

Step 2

Full photographs are taken of the property to back up the findings of the report. The report will include any tenant liabilities so that if any tenants are leaving their deposit can be returned.

Step 3

The report is transcribed and proofread and then returned to the customer within 24 – 48 hours of the job. This will include a handwritten summary that is signed by any attending parties.

Step 4

Full backup advisory support is offered post report receipt should there be any queries on deposit retention. If there are no queries, this report is kept on file to be used at the final check out.

What our clients say

“At the time, your clerk pointed out that, for child safety, it was a legal obligation that the cords for the roller binds be attached to the wall. I’ve taken his advice and this has been carried out. I’d like to thank Mo for being so helpful.”

Steve Fisher, Landlord

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