The approach

The inventory is the key document that goes into fine detail, listing a property’s decor, contents and exact condition. It is normally between 30 and 60 pages of clear concise information. This document can be reused for up to 5 years but must be updated at the start of every tenancy. It is used as the reference point for check out to decide liabilities and is called upon by the deposit schemes when there is a dispute.

Even if your property is unfurnished, you still need an inventory as it details floor coverings, decor, bathroom fittings, light fittings and kitchen appliances which are all costly to be replaced if they are damaged.

Our process

Step 1

The clerk will start the report from the entrance of the property, following a set order to ensure nothing is missed. Making comments on the colour, the fabric type, the style and lastly the condition of each area of the room, and then move to the next room doing the same thing.

Step 2

The clerk will walk through the property a second time taking photographs of each room – covering every angle. This acts as a 2nd opportunity to check the property.

Step 3

The report is transcribed by our team of experienced typists who flag any anomalies in the report. This is then proofread by a second team to ensure the report is complete and meets our expected quality levels.

Step 4

The report is returned to the customer between 24 and 48 hours after the job is completed. The customer has 7 days to raise any questions they may have with the report. After this point, the report is closed off.

What our clients say

“The clerk was amazing, very thorough, spending a long time at the property. Very impressed indeed.”

Sarah Wadham, Landlord in SW17

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