Check Outs

The approach

In a nutshell, the report lists any differences between the check in inventory and check out. This includes damages, cleaning issues, additional items left by the tenants, missing items and any safety issues found. It gives a clear comparison between move in and move out. The report also notes what, as independent experts, we determine to be tenant liability.

Our process

Step 1

Carried out on the last day or as near after as possible, the clerk visits with the move-in check in inventory at hand. They inspect the property from top to bottom, page by page, noting any differences – large or small. No stone is left unturned, quite literally.

Step 2

The clerk then goes through the property for a 2nd time taking photographs, which gives an opportunity to check the property again so nothing is missed.

Step 3

If the tenant or landlord is present, we flag any areas of concern to them. If no one is present, the clerk will call the agent to feedback any areas needing immediate address – for example, the property has not been cleaned and any maintenance issues. A handwritten summary is signed by any attending parties.

Step 4

24 hours after the job is complete, we return the report to the customer. We are then on-hand to offer any advice to either tenant or landlord, or to answer any queries on the report itself.

What our clients say

“May I also take this opportunity to thank Tom. We are very grateful for the work and help he kindly provided which helped us avoid disputes.”

Outgoing Tenants in W14

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