Check Ins

The approach

On move-in day, our clerk attends the property with the inventory report, they check it page by page and add any extra notes in case things have changed since the inventory was made. The tenant is also present so they can check the property and raise any questions they may have. The idea is that agreement is reached as to the condition of the property; this is documented and signed off by the tenant.

A document is signed by the tenant confirming key receipt, cleaning level, smoke and carbon alarm tests and general condition of the property to avoid any disputes at check out. A full report is provided to all parties to back up the check in findings.

Our process

Step 1

The clerk visits the property with the inventory, meeting the tenant before they move anything in. Any changes to the property are noted down. Full photographs are taken, all keys are listed and utilities read.

Step 2

The tenant is taken through the property to ensure agreement on the condition, the level of cleaning and sounding of the smoke and carbon alarms. The tenant signs to confirm this and to accept the keys.

Step 3

Any safety issues noticed by the clerk are flagged to the tenant, and the agent or landlord are notified immediately, including non-working smoke alarms and possible health and safety issues such as broken glass, loose flooring, etc.

Step 4

The check in report is transcribed, proofread and returned to the customer within 24 to 48 hours after the job. All parties are then given 7 days to raise any queries they may have on the report.

What our clients say

“Your check in clerk, Michael, conducting my check in on Saturday – just want to say he was very professional and lovely – it was a rather stressful start due to issues with the agent – but Michael was a star.”

Michelle Penney, Tenant, Grayshott Road

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