The approach

A deposit is a large amount of money, so we aim to protect all parties by being independent fair experts. Our reports are honest and clear to understand. Full advice is offered to guide tenants. If you feel your landlord is being unfair with deductions, we can guide you to avoid going to the TDS. We send reports out quickly so that we don’t hold up deposit returns. We’re always on the other end of the phone to guide and support you.

How we helped

Simon Bailey, Tenant in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

The requirement

At check out, Simon felt his landlord’s claims against his deposit were not fair.

What we delivered

Eclipse reviewed each claim point by point and guided the tenant on what would be deemed fair by the TDS. Eclipse also spoke to the landlord and explained their reasoning.

The outcome

An agreement was reached by both parties without going to the TDS.

What our clients say

“Having used Eclipse Inventories, I can’t recommend them enough. As tenants moving out of a property, I sought their advice on some areas of dispute in our checkout report. They came back very swiftly with clear advice, line by line, on what we were actually liable for and guidance on how much we should pay based on AIIC guidelines. Within 24 hours our deposit dispute was resolved with the Landlord and we were delighted to receive most of our deposit back. Thank you Eclipse!”

Katie Warren, Tenant

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