Parents of University Students

The approach

Often, parents have to pay for their child’s rental deposit but have no say in protecting their money. The inventory is your way to do this. You can instruct your own independent, impartial expert to help protect your money from any unfair decisions at check out. We are committed to being honest and fair and supporting people with our knowledge.

How we helped

Katy Elks, Hammersmith

The requirement

Katy had paid a large sum of money for her daughter’s rental deposit. At check out, she wasn’t happy with the proposed charges by the landlord.

What we delivered

We spent an hour on the phone with Katy, running through each point and recommending what we agreed with and what we believed to be overzealous by the landlord. We gave her clear next step in the process.

The outcome

The outcome was that she was able to reduce the deductions by £600 and reach an amicable agreement with the landlord.

What our clients say

“We called upon Eclipse Inventories to act as our independent clerk when our son rented a property in London. We wanted to ensure that we had a fair report to protect the large deposit we had paid. Eclipse Inventories went over and above to accommodate us and to explain the process clearly. They guided us through our first check in and eventually when they did the check out we felt protected and that we were not going to get charged for anything that wasn’t correct. Thank you Eclipse.”

Hayley Slade, Pimlico

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