Block Landlords

The approach

As a landlord, you need to protect your greatest assets, and that is what we do by providing unbiased, fair, accurate reports. Our reports are quick and easy to read and backed up by photographs so to avoid disputes. Disputes are on the increase and without clear evidence, a landlord cannot claim. The inventory is a small price to pay for protecting your investments. We offer full advice, so if there is a dispute we can guide you to the best outcome.

How we helped

Janine V, Block Manager, Pimlico

The requirement

Janine had 15 new properties in one block that needed inventories as soon as possible.

What we delivered

By assigning a team of three clerks to the job, we were able to complete all the jobs in a day and to return the reports to Janine within 48 hours.

The outcome

The outcome was that a snagging list was able to be provided to the builder and all issues rectified prior to tenants starting to move in the following week.

What our clients say

“Eclipse have been a pleasure to work with. They provide a thorough and professional service, with extremely detailed inventories and lots of pictures. This was of significant importance when tenants left some of the furniture in a state of disrepair, as there was no debate to be had. They are very responsive, provide good communication and importantly deliver a quality and flexible service. Highly recommended!”

Lynn Robson, Landlord, Kew, London

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