How do I get my deposit back?

What happens after check out and how do I get my deposit back?

The dreaded move day has finally come, you are exhausted after packing a thousand boxes, throwing out 2 tonne’s of gathered junk and organising the transfer of all the utilities and then there is your deposit to think about. So great, you have the tenancy agreement to read and decipher which will give you all the information you need on what happens next and how you actually get your money back, but do you really have the will to read it – nah – so we will tell you what you need to know right here.

Depending on your scheme things differ slightly but the end result is the same your money should be protected until an agreement is reached. If tenant and landlord don’t agree then the right forms have to be filled in and it goes to arbitration.

We will run through some answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear at check out;

  1. When will I get the check out report
    • Most decent providers will have it back to the customer within 24 – 48 hours, however some companies still think a week is OK so don’t be afraid to chase.
    • If the landlord doesn’t respond, call the inventory supplier and they will be able to guide you on how to get the report
  1. What if I don’t agree with the content of the check out
  • To avoid issues, we recommend to always take your own pictures before leaving (as well as at the start), keep any cleaning receipts you have and correspondence between agent & landlord
  • You can contact the inventory supplier to discuss the reasons for their comments
  1. How do I get my deposit back?
  • Send a written request to your landlord as soon after the check out as possible. They then have 10 days to return the deposit, in full or in part if there are suggested deductions.
  1. If I don’t agree with some of the deductions will it take ages to get my full deposit?:
  • No, the landlord must promptly return any non disputed amounts. i.E Your deposit is £1500, landlord wants to keep £700 you agree on £300 but not the extra £400. the landlord should return £800 to you, whilst the rest is discussed
  1. What should I do if I don’t agree on the amounts suggested?
  • Tell them in writing you don’t agree
  • Ask for evidence – quotes, invoices and then ultimately negotiate.
  • If you really can’t reach an agreement then you need to use the ADR (alternative dispute resolution) of your deposit scheme – info should be in your AST of who this is
  1. How long do I have to raise a dispute
  • 3 months, outside of this the TDS will not handle it and alternative solutions will have to be found
  1. How long will arbitration take
  • Longer than reaching an agreement direct with your landlord, so this should always be the preferred method
  • My deposits quote after receiving the paperwork  decisions will normally be reached within 28 days and parties advised 10 days after this

Schemes do tend to vary in their process, so if in doubt look at your tenancy agreement as to which scheme you are in and that scheme will also be able to offer lots more detailed information should you need it. Hopefully this has been a helpful source of information for you, hover your agent and landlord should be able to guide you through the whole process as well. Eclipse are always here as well if you need a free advisory chat.

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